Mahaffey Design Associates, LLC - REFERENCES - Suwanee, GA
Client Feedback: 
"First of all, let me say that your work is fabulous!  Among the best, most complete, professional compilations I have seen by a contract designer in 15 years!" 
- MickAnn Koratsky - Market Sales Manager - Kimball Office
Jim Johnstone
Dealer Principal
Key Products
AIS Dealer
11111 Franklin Ave
Franklin Park, IL 60131
Office: 847-288-0500
Satisfied Customer

Lisa White
Dealer Sales Manager
Kimball Office
Atlanta, GA 30326
Office: 404-231-4950
Cell: 678-517-4101
Kimball Representative
Rick Heid
National Workplace Services
Installation Services
Atlanta, GA
Cell: 404-655-6646
Satisfied Customer

Brian Wren
Sales Manager
Atlanta Business Products
Cell: 404-401-6561
Satisfied Customer
David Moorad
Regional Vice President of Southeast
and Latin America
Cell: 404-457-9191
AIS Representative


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